You guys are troopers!


Thanks for not unfollowing. Currently sitting in English class. Things are calming down after this week and ill have Monday to get things up for y’all. I love the shortened classes (6 credit hours for 7 weeks instead of 12 for 14 weeks) but it makes the days shorter. Lol

P.S. Mermaidsdontfly is my main blog. :) It’s a rare occasion when you will see the same posts on both blogs, so if you want more entertaining posts, follow my main blog. For the next 72 hours I’m following back all blogs that follow Mermaidsdontfly.

Hey Y’all!

Thanks to all of those who Like/Reblog/Follow this blog. :) I just wanted to let you guys know Spring Semester is starting tomorrow, and I was playfully kidnapped Friday so I haven’t been able to queue up things for this coming week, so the blog might be a little slow, but after I get settled into classes it’ll pick back up. Thanks for being amazing and sticking around! :)